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Guest Blog: Going back to the old classics!

This is a fantastic guest blog post from Cat Bateman, Founder of Little Folk Nursery Rhymes. Thank you so much for this post Cat, it's an absolutely fascinating read! Make sure you give her a follow! Read on...

It’s widely known that it's a human impulse to communicate and express, to me nursery rhymes are a manifestation of these very impulses and it's why it feels so important to continue the tradition of the old classic rhymes being sung to babies upwards. To support my view, in a 2019 interview, a top school inspector warned that 'Nursery rhymes are no longer being sung to children - leaving them poorly prepared for the classroom'. It probably seems a bit old-fashioned to some but little ones who can sing a song, do actions and communicate are so much better prepared for school.

I am no medical expert or music therapy specialist but during my ten years of singing nursery-rhymes old & new to little ones, I NEVER tire of seeing how they can react from head to toe listening to the music and words, they often do a full body excited tremble, it is innate, no-one has taught them to react in this way - you can just see it bringing them joy!

It has been discovered that singing stimulates endorphins, this process has a very positive effect on our immune systems. Educators explain how being regularly exposed to nursery rhymes, babies can develop many of their skills, language, social & numeracy - and I see first hand daily how it supports the gorgeous bond between babies and their parents. Over the years I have had countless lovely messages how my sessions became an essential activity in families’ weeks, and in many cases, whilst of course not a cure-all, mothers have passed on to me how it really gave them a bit of lift when they were struggling with PND.

I believe passionately in music & singing for everyone, and just love seeing how little ones develop over the time they attend my sessions and how the mothers form friendships with other new mothers that attend - the power of nursery-rhyme is a special thing to behold!


A HUGE thank you to Cat for writing this post for us. Whilst we're all about writing new songs for families, we agree wholeheartedly with all of the above and believe that the old classics still have so much to offer. For these reasons we've just recorded a collection of reimagined nursery rhymes - our first Rhymes EP - out this Friday!

You can book sessions with Cat if you want to experience more of her brilliant music and her years of expertise - and check out her YouTube and iTunes too!

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