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songs for schools

Use our music and songs to embed the 'new normal' routines that the coronavirus has made necessary for young children, in early years and primary settings.

We believe that music can enhance wellbeing, help embed new ideas, concepts and routines for young children, and work towards normalising emotions and reducing anxiety. 


Here are four new songs, written with children and teachers in mind, and the changes and challenges they are facing. All our songs are FREE to stream on YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify, and all related files are for sale below (including the digital sheet music, lyric sheets, backing tracks and mp3 files).

Bonus track 'We're all amazing', written by the team, in response to the Black Lives Matter protests, especially for young children. All about how we're all different...yet we're all amazing.

We would love you to use and sing these songs in your school or setting!

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All songs are free to stream - find them on YouTube


Soundcloud playlist

©2020 Creative Futures. The Tidy Race, Send a Smile and My Bubble originally commissioned and licensed to ARK Schools, July 2020.

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