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How to occupy babies during nappy changes

If you're reading this, chances are your baby or toddler has probably realised that staying still for nappy changes is about as boring as they can imagine. Trying to roll/crawl away or flip onto their tummy constantly is far more entertaining! 😂 You may be at your wits end... if so, read on!

Tips to distract your baby

Pinning them down with one hand whilst the other does the work is one option - though sadly it generally takes two hands to do a nappy change and (whilst we Mums are multitasking heroes, we are sadly limited by the possession of just two hands). So here are a list of top tips to get your wriggling baby or toddler changed without disaster!

  1. Have a special toy that they only get to play with during changes. This can work really well if it's something that they normally wouldn't be allowed to play with (like a remote control with no batteries, or bunch of keys).

  2. Count slowly and calmly the whole time. Sounds bonkers I know, but it's had some good results!

  3. Give them a book to "read", it's great for keeping them on their backs, and if you know it off by heart you can always read to them whilst they turn the pages.

  4. Talk through in great detail what you're doing (this is also great for teaching them about their body parts and is great to prepare for potty-training).

  5. Sing! It can really help to occupy them, and provide a bonding experience for you both. You can sing their favourite songs, or maybe a nappy changing song like our one below. Once you've got the jist of it, you can adapt the verses to suit your needs! It's perfect for adding some joy into what can be a boring repetitive task. 'Yeah... this is the nappy change song...'🎵🎵

This song was written together with parents, babies at toddlers at one of our London Rhymes projects at a Hackney Playbus project in 2017 💥 so thanks to all those who helped us pen this fab tune!

Have you got any other top tips, or tried any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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