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The Potty Song to the rescue!

There can be so much pressure on both parents and toddlers when it comes to potty training, when to do it, to get it done quickly, at what age, what are the signs... so many questions 🤯!

We're not going to tell you how to do it and when (there are zillions of guides and opinions out there) but here are our top tips crowd-sourced from some of our fellow parents. 💧💩

1. Introduce the idea of the potty really early

From experience we've found it much easier to potty train children that have had a potty around for a long time before they start using it. Just have it sat in their bedroom, talk about it, have toys "go for a wee" on it and make it a part of the furniture. It means when you introduce having a wee and a poo on it it's not a completely alien object!

2. Talk to them a lot about you going to the toilet

When they inevitably accompany you to the toilet (remember when you could have a wee / poo in peace *sigh*) talk through what you're doing to make it clear to them and normalise going on the toilet. For example: "Mummy is pulling down her trousers and pants and sitting on the toilet. Can you hear the wee wee coming out? Now I'm going to wipe my bum and flush the chain." 😂😂

3. Be neutral about their wees and poos

It can be fun to make a big deal about a stinky poo but it can cause shame and embarrassment... so let's not go there at all! Talking neutrally - "You've done a poo in your nappy. I'm going to have to clean your bum now with a wipe and then I'll wash my hands." is a great way to talk about it!

4. Make it fun!

If you're having trouble with your little one not wanting to sit and wait on the potty, then introduce a song or a book for them to have on the potty. Our song 'The Potty Song' is perfect as it talks through the process, helps them to wait and is only 1 minute long - with the key message being 'sit down and wait'! It was written with families at Ivy Street Family Centre back in 2015 on our very first London Rhymes project. It's really stood the test of time and families have sworn by it making their potty training experience a breeze... worth a shot!?

Did we miss any tips out? Let us know in the comments!

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