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Why Yoto Players Rock!

Looking for Christmas gift inspo for your little one..? Heard of a Yoto Player before? It's a screen-free speaker specifically made for children and controlled either through an app on the parents phone, or by inserting cards into the slot on the top.

We've had one for a long time now and it's still loved just as much as when we first got it. The 2 year old could happily put cards in and out to control what he listened to, and now he's 3 he can change the volume and skip tracks using the handy orange buttons on either side.

What can you listen to?

There are quite frankly a boggling number of cards you can buy for the Yoto, along with blank ones to make your own, or even record your own stories or songs! There's music, stories, podcasts and soo much more. There's even a load of sleep sound options, like white noise and ambient sounds like a crackling fire....mmmm 😴

AND THE BEST BIT... we now have our very own London Rhymes Yoto cards which are jam packed full of our most favourite London Rhymes songs!!!!

Listen everywhere

The added bonus of the Yoto cards is that as soon as you've bought them you get to listen to them through the app on the parents phone and even stream the music in the car or to any Bluetooth speaker. It's definitely come in handy before on long car journeys!

We absolutely love Yoto and what they're doing, and highly recommend them to all parents of little ones...along with our cards of course! Such a great Christmas present in my humble opinion... 😉🎁

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