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Tips for Washing Little Hands

It can be so hard getting our little ones to wash their hands properly...*2020/21* style of properly...! Now that the 'rona is in our lives and doesn't look like it's going anywhere, it's a battle we simply can't escape. Washing hands has never been more important. So here are our top tips!

1. Can they reach the tap comfortably?

Sounds simple, but it's an important one! Can they reach the tap? Just a step stool or a faucet extender will make life easier for all!

2. Make soap FUN!

As much as soap is just soap, if you can get soap that either looks fun or smells nice it can help to incentivise them to wash their hands that little bit more... and who doesn't want their hands to smell like love hearts?!

3. Make it a part of the routine

Make it an essential of their daily routine and you might find yourself not needing to nag quiiite as much (maybe).

4. Sing a song

Singing a hand washing song can help with the routine, as well as make it a more fun activity to do together, and if you're looking for a handwashing song we have the perfect one, written by Rosie and recorded by our fab team *just* before lockdown hit in 2020. Phew!

5. Do it together

Make it an activity to do together, making as many bubbles as possible then waving bye bye to them as they go down the drain!

So, have you tried any of these tips? Got any more for us? Tell us below!

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